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Bespoke Financial Planning

  • initial consultation, finacial planning consultant, London, UK

    Initial Consultation

    Discuss & Explore your financial goals as well as take note of your existing arrangements. Explain the scope of our services and the costs that may apply.
  • discovery meeting, meet financial consultant, London, UK

    Discovery Meeting

    Capture personal & financial information, discuss your aspirations, financial objectives and priorities. Assess your attitude to risk and agree a way forward.
  • objective implementation, financial planner, London, UK


    Use our experience and expertise to recommend the best solution to help you achieve your financial objectives. ‘Implement’ these recommendations in consultation with you.
  • ongoing review, financial plans, reviews, London, UK

    Ongoing Review

    We review your financial plans to make sure you are on track. The frequency will vary depending on your chosen level of support.
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What clients say
I am absolutely delighted with the service that Chandan has provided me. It is reassuring to know that I am working with a trusted and highly competent financial advisor who is helping me reach the goals I want without pushing his own agenda. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy, and really took the time to get to know my long term financial needs. What really impressed me was the way he took [Show] the time to get a feeling for where I was at, his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and common sense approach. After several meetings with Chandan, I took on his recommendations and here I am 3 years on extremely pleased with the decision I made. He has always explained everything thoroughly and I have never felt uncomfortable asking stupid questions or expressing an opinion. Chandan is always contactable, courteous and helpful and I highly recommend him. [Hide] – Elena
I had previously seen an adviser about transferring my pensions, but he only seemed interested in annuities. That wasn’t what I wanted, so I looked elsewhere. Chandan listened to what I wanted and had a look at what my pensions were worth. He then took me through my financial needs and explained my options, and helped me find the one that suited me best. [Show] He did all the work to transfer the pensions into investments to provide growth and income for the future. Yes. Instead of giving up my money for a limited guarantee annuity, it was put into a drawdown pension which preserved my capital and gave me control of it. I found Chandan friendly and helpful. He took time to explain everything and made sure I understood it all. He was quite happy to go over something if I wasn’t quite sure of it. Above all, he listened to what I wanted. [Hide] – Derek
Chandan came across as very knowledgeable in all our discussions/meetings. I found him to be very flexible yet professional in all his dealings. He came across as a very trustworthy financial advisor and was able to answer all my queries and address all my concerns promptly. He did thorough research and presented me with the best suited options and I was happy to proceed with his advice. [Show] I look forward to continued professional relationship with Chandan in the years to come.[Hide] – Sanjeev
Chandan is very responsive to questions and presents often complicated information in an easy to understand and clear format. I value his advise and recommendations greatly and my portfolio has performed well for me over the last two years. – Bill
Turned 50 last year, have had a few bits of pension provision in place but wasn’t sure if it would be enough for retirement. Chandan came to our house, completed a financial report on our pensions and has set us up with a new provider to maximise our pension pots. He will also be keeping an eye on them and reporting back to us on a yearly basis with recommendations if we need to change anything.[Show] My wife and I are very happy with the service from Chandan who has given us confidence that we will have the pension we want. A few years to go yet, but confident in Chandan to deliver. [Hide] – Andy
Chandan is extremely well versed with current market developments and has well thought out forward looking views of financial markets and regulatory developments which makes him give excellent advice regarding financial planning. He always has his clients best interest and risk appetite in mind. He did not hesitate to outline risks in my pre-thought investment strategies. [Show] In addition, he is very diligent in understanding my retirement plans and provide advice according rather than shelling out ready-to-made off the shelf recommendations that other advisors have made in the past. I look forward to working with him for years to come. [Hide] – Khagendra
Excellent knowledge. Under no pressure or obligation. Totally hassle free and pleasant experience. – Martin
I needed my pensions reviewed and to develop a strategy for retirement. I have had a big gap in pension contributions and help and advise was sought as to how best to make up for lost time. Clear and concise advise. The advice was neutral and independent. The recommendations have been taken up and so far, so good. – Michael
Review of various pensions with a view to maximising potential growth and portfolio protection. Chandan did an in depth analysis of available funds and shortlisted those that best met my individual criteria. I was clear and happy with the proposed selections. Chandan is on hand if I have any queries. – Jonathan
Chandan was punctual, polite,helpful,understanding and committed to the cause of doing his utmost to help you in your best way of making your pension and savings prosper and grow, if in need of assistance he is only a phone call away as was proven the other morning when I had an issue, he sorted it immediately for me proving that he is committed to the cause. – Mark
Chandan listened very carefully and went through my financial history with a fine tooth comb. He then promptly explained where i had being given bad advise in the past and helped me understand what we needed to put in place in order to correct these issues. He was very clear about any information regarding any of the financial issues and could not be more helpful. – Salim
I knew there were changes and needed someone to explain them. Brought clarity to my confusion. very happy with service, left feeling happy and less confused. – Ross
Thoughtful, responds quickly, takes the time when necessary to explain things thoroughly, provides practical, realistic advice. – Andrew
He is trustworthy, informed and reliable and always available for advice. He tailored his decisions to my financial needs and preferences. In addition, his presentation & communication of the various options for my retirement plan was clear & detailed. – Nick
Chandan communicates clearly and concisely. He breaks down the financial jargon and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. He was knowledgeable on any of the services and products I asked him about and answered everything satisfactory manner. – Jason
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